Independent Watchmaking

Armin Strom Racing Tourbillon – Marussia F1 Team

The independent watch manufacturer from Biel, Armin Strom, is the official time-keeping partner of the Marussia F1 Team. The bridges of the movement are crafted out of components from an original Marussia F1 car. As always, the Armin Strom watch has been skeletonized and hand engraved. This exclusive two-piece only Armin Strom Racing Tourbillon watch is the 6th model in their Racing Collection.

Fratello Watches

Fratello is an online watch magazine founded in 2004. It offers high-quality watch content that is authentic, unique, and interesting — with a personal touch. With a deep knowledge of watches, Robert-Jan Broer decided to start an educational and entertaining platform by the name of Fratello Watches. Fratello is Italian for “brother” which directly translates to his last name “Broer”. Broer can be quite hard to pronounce for non-Dutch speakers. Fratello, however, just rolls off the tongue! It is memorable and easy to say. Over time it has become more than a name. It is a symbol of our community — a brother(and sister)hood, of sorts.

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